DODGY BROTHERS defeated UNCLE AUTHUR 3-11-264 to 2-8-242 in the closest game of the night in round 16 of the Loxton Spring season. Ash Lawrie defeated Darren Bright 3-1, John Vaughan defeated Ken Schwarz 3-1 and Peter Miller won 3-0 over Craig Todd as the leading Dodgy`s showed their best form for the season. For Uncle Authur James Searles won 3-1 from Paddy Reynolds and Lachie Horsfall beat Simon Knowles 3-1.

Both of the other matches were decided 4-1.

STROP 4-14-280 defeated SIR LES PATTERSON 1-6-245. Tanya Marlor defeated Steve Coombs 3-0, Steve Emery won 3-1 from Shane Smart, Cameron Robertson 3-2 over Paul Wurst, Ken Wangahu 3-0 from Renee Hahn while Josie Robertson lost to Ollie Stone 2-3.

TED BULLPITT 4-12-260 beat RUSSELL COIGHT 1-7-233. Brenton Chapman won 3-2 against Ash Lawrie, Peter Grosser lost to Mark Cash 0-3, Wayne Voigt defeated Brett Duffin 3-0, Mark Rudiger – Ang Nelson 3-2 and Rob Romeo – Paul Horsfall 3-0.