In one of the most keenly contested rounds of the season the Loxton Squash Spring Competition resumed after a break for the club’s annual championships last Tuesday night.

In amazingly similar results ‘Which Team’ 2-9-220 won against ‘This Team’ 2-8-223, ‘Our Team’ 2-9-215 to ‘Your Team’ 2-7-194 and ‘That Team’ 2-9-219 against ‘The Other Team’ 2-7-195.

Also in all games the bottom two players won for the winning team and the no.1 and no.2 players were defeated.

In Which Team’s victory over This Team Ash Lawrie could not repeat his win against Greg Marlor in the championships and went down in a close battle 2-3, Wayne Voight lost to John Vaughan 1-3 and Mark Ruediger won 3-1 against Bill Sharrard and Paislee Stone 3-0 over Ben Schober.

Our Team’s similar win against Your Team came from Rob Stone losing to Trevor MacDonald 1-3, Ken Schwarz being defeated in a real struggle 2-3 against Shane Smart, Mike Taylor beating Paddy Reynolds 3-1 and Adam Beauchamp winning 3-0 from Rob Romeo.

Mark Cash lost 1-3 against Tanya Marlor and Steve Emery went down 2-3 to Cameron Robertson for Which Team against This Team. The comparison with other matches continued then with the winning team in all cases crucially losing at the no. 1 or no 2  position 2-3. To set up the ‘WT’ win Josh Roberts and Paislee Stone both won 3-1 over Peter Miller and Rob Romeo.

Exciting times with only two rounds remaining in the minor round.