In the opening round of the 2016/17 Women’s Eightball season three matches were decided by the narrowest of margins 8-7, including reigning premier Monash DV8′s being pushed to the limit by Lyrup Club. But in round two the closest game was a 10-5 victory by Barmera Hotel against Renmark United.

In round one T Stieler and A Krieg Owens were outstanding in DV8′s win over Lyrup Club which also had fine contributors in S Nattrass and K Michael.

Barmera Hotel (G Beech, C Markow) won 8-7 against Waikerie Club (J Mackareth, C Cabot) and Renmark Rebels (M Rivera, N Monaco) 8-7 from Berri Club Cue T’s (K Dougherty, M Dawson).

In other matches Renmark Bowling Club with R Rice and N LeBreton showing the way defeated Cobby E’Gals (A Woolford, S Hayes) 13-2 and Renmark United (S Lawson, K Struths) beat Berri Club Blue (J Greenhalgh, K Flentjar) 10-5.

Round two results were far more decisive. Barmera Hotel (D Durling, J Packer) won 10-5  from Renmark United (K Struths, D Wilson), R Rice and N LeBreton again played well for Renmark Bowling Club as it defeated Berri Club Cue T’s (A Threadgold, L Ebert) 14-1 and Monash Club DV8′s (D Marshall, D Ellis) won 14-1 against Renmark Rebels (A Lloyd, L Teague).

S Hayes and S Verco were the best players for Cobby E’Gals in its 13-2 victory over Berri Club Blue (K Flentjar, T Fear) and Waikerie Club continued its strong start to the season with a 14-1 win against Lyrup Club. M Briscoe and A Pattinson stood out for the Waikerie side and K Michael and C Munro did best for Lyrup Club.