Is this a form guide for this coming Saturday`s Division One Tennis Grand Final?

In the Second Semi Final a week ago Cobdogla defeated Renmark Tintra 8 sets 75 games to 4-52.

Then on Saturday Waikerie, without two of its main men Steve Braun and Shaun Steele, defeated Renmark Tintra 8-68 to 4-48 in the Preliminary Final.

Reports are that Waikerie will have all players available ror next Saturday`s Grand Final which will be played on its home courts. The match promises to be a “ripper”.

In the Preliminary Final Waikerie won five of the six doubles sets to set up the overall victory. Troy Lehmann and Tom Waterson won 6-1 and 6-1 over John Pick and Dean Schumann and Ben Haynes and Luke McWaters shared the sets with John Van der Hoek and David Strongman 3-6 and 6-4. In the two women`s sets Penny Kroehn and Tania Adamczyk won 6-4 and 6-1 against Shenae Rucioch and Romana Luethue.

The singles were shared including Shenae Rucioch having perhaps the biggest win of her career against Penny Kroehn 6-1 in a superb display. In a complete reversal of the women`s doubles Romana Luethue also won against Tania Adamczyk 6-2. In the men`s singles Lehmann won 9-3 over Pick, Waterson 9-4 over Schumann, Haynes 9-4 over Strongman and McWaters went down to Van der Hoek 5-9.

In the Grand Final Waikerie`s women will struggle against Cobdogla`s dominant pair Katie Saville and Benita Dillon. The Waikerie men however look capable of winning a good share of the sets on offer.

In Saturday`s Preliminary Final in Division Two Loxton Silver won a close encounter against Loxton Gold 7-59 to 5-52 and will now play Cobdogla at Waikerie in the Grand Final.

In Division Three Moorook won only one of the doubles sets but fought back in the singles to defeat Paringa Swans 5-39 to 3-30. Moorook will now meet the third Cobdogla team to reach the Grand Finals. It would appear to have an uphill battle in front of it as in the Second Semi Final it won only 19 games in going down to Cobdogla 8-0.