All three matches were decided 3-2 in Monday night`s round of the Loxton Squash Autumn season. A number of individual clashes decided 3-2 suggests the Lightning McQueen versus Kit and The Mystery Machine versus The General Lee matches could have gone either way.

— HERBIE 3-10-207 d. THE DELORAN 2-7-214.– Trevor McDonald lost to Ash Lawrie 1-3, Kerry Graetz lost to Darren Bright 0-3, Cameron Robertson d. Andrew Searles 3-0, Paul Wurst d. Kym Bament 3-1, Todd Stebhens d. Josie Robertson 3-0.

—LIGHTNING McQUEEN 3-9-223 d. KIT 2-8-213.–Shane Smart lost to Greg Marlor 0-3, Steve Emery lost to Peter Grosser 0-3, Wayne Voight d. Mike Lange 3-2, Renee Hahn d. James Searles 3-0, Mark Rudiger d. Simon Knowles 3-0.

—THE MYSTERY MACHINE 3-13-317 d. THE GENERAL LEE 2-11-306. Sue Coombs d. Darren Schultz 3-2, Ken Schwarz d. John Vaughan 3-2, Tony Giles d. Peter Miller 3-1, Renee Hahn lost to Paddy Reynolds 2-3, Ben Schober lost to Rob Romeo 2-3.