All three matches in Monday night`s round 13 of thhe Loxton Spring Squash Season were decided three rubbers to two.
—DODGY BROTHERS 3-11-238 defeated SIR LES PATTERSON 2-7-201. Ash Lawrie won 3-0 from Steve Coombs, John Vaughan lost to Ken Schwarz 0-3, Peter Miller beat Paul Wurst 3-1, Paddy Reynolds defeated Renee Hahn 3-0 and Simon Knowles lost to Ollie Stone 2-3.
—KEL KNIGHT 3-12-274 defeated TED BULLPITT 2-9-237. Greg Marlor won 3-2 in a crucial result for Kel Knight, Trev McDonald lost to Peter Grosser 2-3 in another close game, Mike Taylor went down to Wayne Voight 1-3, Dylon Voigt defeated Mark Rudiger 3-0 and Kym Bament defeated Rob Romeo 3-1.
—RUSSELL COIGHT 3-9-207 defeated KATH & KYM 2-7-205. Darren Schultz defeated Greg Marlor 3-1, Mark Cash beat Kerry Graetz 3-0, Brett Duffin lost to Andrew Searles 0-3, Ang Nelson won 3-0 over Julie Falland and Troy Loxton lost to Polly Johnston 0-3.