“Breaking news” defeated “Where’s my glasses” 3-10-214 to 1-6-198 in round 2 of Loxton Squash this week.

Trevor McDonald had a good win against Shane Smart 3-1, John Vaughan lost to Rob Stone 1-3, Mark Rudoger defeated Bill Sharrard in a close contest 3-2 and Julie Falland got off to a good start to the season with a 3-0 win over Simon Knowles.

In a very close contest “Who wrote this” 2-6-169 just finished in front of “And today’s weather forecast” 2-6-161. Steve Emery is possibly angling for another extended holiday on the strength of his 0-3 effort against Greg Marlor, Peter Tait defeated Wayne Voigt 3-0, Peter Miller beat Paddy Reynolds 3-0 and Luke Hale lost to Julias Otto 0-3.

“Are we on air” won convincingly against “After the break” 4-12-214 to 0-3-171. Ash Lawrie defeated Kane Watts 3-0. Craig Todd – Darren Bright 3-0, Adam Beauchamp – Jacob Otto 3-1 and in a close game Rob Romeo defeated Paislee Stone 3-2.

And there is more ‘Breaking News’.

Loxton Squash stalwart Steve Emery did not make a ‘booboo’ when he announced an increase in the number of teams in the new competition from 7 to 8 and then only gave results for three matches.

How could we doubt a man that has come up with so many amazing team names he has invented over the years?

With only three courts available only three matches can be played with two teams then having a bye.