When 12 riders took off on last Sunday`s Bob Francis Memorial race , the first winter trophy race of the season there was probably no one predicting the dramatic finish to the event.

The race was conducted in perfect conditions on Lindsay Point Road.

First to depart were Angelo Ylia and Brailey Jachmann then at the 9 minute mark a strong group of Ruth Strout, Lee Rasheed, Peter Weston, Mick Gray and Dennis Robinson got underway.

From scratch at 12 minutes it was Steve Jaensch, Angus Boase, Colby Jachmann and Shane Pitman off, like those before them on a 50km trip.

At 19 minutes Gordon Lawton set out on a 32km course.

A feature of the event was the way the scratch group worked together and they literally ‘flew’ averaging oner 40kmph to the turn around at Lindsay Point and in the process firstly catching Ylia and Brailey Jachmann and then the ‘chopping block’ group.

Gradually the peloton diminished until only the scratch riders plus Mick Gray remained. Gray in fact was just not there to make up the numbers and broke away with some 500m to go to the finish.

His move saw Colby Jachmann respond and  take up the challenge which in turn had Boase, Jaensch and Pitman spring into action.

One official summed it all up with “what a ride!” Pitman, Jaensch and Jachmann threw everything into it and they crossed the finish in that order, with only half a wheel between first and second.

Fourth to finish was Boase followed in order by Gray, Robinson, Rasheed, Strout, Weston, Ylia and Brailey Jachmann.

“What a ride” to take us to this weekend`s Tour Of The Riverland Cycling Weekend.