A week after defeating Renmark in A1 Netball Loxton North defeated Loxton in a brilliant display last Friday night 46-27.

Experienced watchers of the game were amazed at the performance by Kylie Wooldridge`s young side as it moved the ball around at lightning speed and left the reigning premier in its wake.

Loxton and Renmark have shared the past 12 premierships in the competition between them but there can be no doubt now that Loxton North, after its carefully planned redevelopment based around its outstanding group of juniors, is now right up there with them and a real chance of taking out its first title since 2002.

Ellie Thomas and Jordy Jachmann were singled out for special mention after Friday night but it could have been a genuine ‘All Played Well’ as every member of the team contributed strongly including the brilliant Marlee George. Loxton on the other hand has been left with a lot of thinking to do as it is a long time since it was treated so harshly. Eve Will and Katie Saville did their best to stem the considerable tide.

Berri and Barmera engaged in a thrilling battle with Berri after a strong start just holding on to win 37-36. Rachel Gates and Caitlyn Prior were best for Berri and for Barmera new player Alison Lennerth was strong again and Cobie Drogemuller prominent. Renmark, with young Lori Haynes and consistent Sonja Modlinski showing the way, had a 25 goal win over Waikerie 48-23. Another consistent performer Ashleigh Potter along with Besa Kafexholli were best for Waikerie.

In A2 Grade Loxton North with K Tschirpig and J Thomas best defeated Loxton (N Hampel, C Gutsche) 45-30 and Renmark ( C Gardner, A Leesue) won 71-37 against Waikerie (C Linke, D Taylor).

To B1 Berri (K Krollig, A Thompson) won 47-43 from Barmera (B  Cash, K Greenwood) and Loxton (D Stasinowsky, A Buhlman) 37-27 against Loxton North (N Hopper, N Durdin). In B2 Barmera (L Haigh T Whateley) won 56-26 against Berri (M Morris, J Trifonoff) and Loxton (K Mickan, C Edwards) 43-26 over Loxton North (T Kropinyeri, J Milich). A B3 result was Berri (N Pitt, J Howe) 42 defeated Renmark (S Ivanovic, D Mitchell) 40 in a close contest.

In C1 Renmark (C Rees, K Raams) won another close game 31-29 over Waikerie (K Barrow, D Smitran), and in C2 Cobdogla (T Harris, N Haynes) beat Barmera (J Pech, M Arendt) 40-27 and Monash (J Pahl, D Barton) won 42-33 from Loxton North ( K Bradtke, C Beaumont).

17A games saw Barmera ( T Kingham, K Thiele) defeat Berri (B  Stone, A Rapson) 48-34, Loxton (C Gutsche, S Ferber) —Loxton North (E Lange, K Waechter) 40-19 and Renmark (L Haynes, S Rucioch) — Waikerie (T Griffiths, D Taylor) 53-37. In 17 B Loxton (K Hicks, J Zdanowicz) beat Loxton North (E Ramos, B Smith) 64-16 and Renmark (A Dix, M Schwartzkopff) defeated Waikerie (P Collins, N Perry) 62-36. In 17C it was Loxton (K Romeo) winning 32-27 over Loxton North (C Gray, C Kaesler) and Renmark (T Matulick, L Nikou) 37-13 from Renmark Blue (L Marafioti, T Anderson)

Barmera and Berri fought out a thrilling 15A game with T Hill and O Reynolds playing a big part in Barmera taking the points 47-45. Berri`s best were E Westley and C Foulds. Loxton North (K Wagner, C Tschirpig) 51 defeated Loxton (J Matson, S Lange) 29 and Renmark (J O`Loughlin, E Nikou) won another keen contest from Waikerie (C Griffiths, K Brooke) 40-34. In 15B1 Barmera (L Ambaros, K Stavrou) won 40-20 against Loxton North (E Fielke, T Inglis) and Renmark (L Martin, S Kahlon) 35-30 against Loxton (I Altschwager, S Zdanowicz). Berri (S Woods, R Rapson) defeated Barmera (S Dawe, D Sourbis) in 15B2 and Renmark (Y Al, K Bonner) beat Renmark Blue (A Jenke, Z Cooper) 39-17. In 15C1 Berri (D Eleftheriadis, L Quinn) defeated Barmera (T Albrecht, S Gear) 34-25, Renmark Blue (B Duncan, F Evans)  38 defeated Loxton (M Gardner, B Stasinowsky)  23 and Renmark (E Alexandropoulos, T Wainwright) 36 beat Waikerie (S Taylor, S Potts) 18. 15C2 had Waikerie (J-L Kuchel, C Turner) defeat Renmark (S Briggs, M Smith (35-24).