With the minor round in the Loxton Squash Spring Season winding down the closest game on Tuesday night saw ‘The Other Team’ ,2nd, win 2-9-196 to 2-6-170 against ‘Your Team’ ,7th.

Greg Marlor defeated Trevor McDonald 3-0, Craig Todd lost to Shane Smart 2-3, Bill Sharrrd won 3-0 from Paddy Reynolds and Ben Schober lost to Rob Romeo 1-3.

‘My Team’ had a solid victory 3-11-213 against ‘Which Team’ 1-5-181. Darren Schultz was in good touch to beat Mark Cash 3-1, John Vaughan lost narrowly to Steve Emery 2-3, Peter Miller won 3-1 from Josh Roberts and Julie Falland grabbed a win 3-0 from Paislee Stone.

‘This Team’ won against ‘That Team’ 2-7-180 to 1-6-154. Tanya Marlor won 3-1 against Ash Lawrie, Cameron Robertson lost to Wayne Voigt 1-3 and Kym Bament won a close game over Mark Ruediger 3-2.

The teams to comprise the top four appear settled with one round to go as ‘This Team’ sitting 8 points in arrears in fifth spot has a bye. But with only 15 points between top and fourth positions there could still be a shuffle around as far as the double chance is concerned.

The ladder sits at My Team 172, The Other Team 164, Our Team 158, Which Team 157, This Team 149, That Team 138 and Your Team 112.