Lat Saturday reigning champion Berri defeated Loxton Blue 84-65 even though both teams won two rinks and it now sits alone undefeated on the top of the ladder after three rounds of matches.
In Saturday`s clash for Berri Dennis Treloar`s rink went down to Vic Pavia 14-20 and Andrew Hill lost to John Vaughan 17-21 but comfortable victories by Graham Butt 32-10 over Brad Semmler and Andy Gapco 21-14 against Terry Thurston tilted the result in Berri`s favour.
At the same time Waikerie lost its first game for the season to slip to fourth position. It lost to Loxton RSL which has shaken off its poor first game to win two on end. On Saturday Geoff Huppatz` rink beat Dixie Lee 25-16, Lew Westrook lost to Roger Davies 17-24, Jade Wright defeated Wayne Collins 23-19 and Steve Roberts won 20-15 against Gary Pursche.
At Renmark RSL the home side recorded its first win for 2014/15 at the expense of Barmera 82-71. Ron Adam lost to Phil Ashton 17-28, John Van der Wyst won narrowly from Ray Kuchel 17-16, Mal Inglis defeated Dennis Wutke 27-10 and Ken Knight – John Morena 21-17.
In the final game Renmark moved to second position with a four rinks to nil 90-65 result over Loxton Yellow which is still to win a game.Bill Dopson won 20-18 against Neil Thiele, Sean Leesue 22-14 over Brian Bullock, John Thompson 23-20 over Des Schliebs and Steve Ivanovic 25-15 from Peter Kimber.
In Second Division undefeated table leader Waikerie defeated Loxton 59-49, Barmera defeated Moorook 67-48, Renmark RSL just edged out Loxton RSL 56-54, Renmark,9th,defeated Berri,3rd, 55-48 and second ranked Lyrup beat Monash,5th, 58-53.
Third Division saw Loxton RSL 61.25 defeat Moorook 45.25, Waikerie, again undefeated, win 60-53 from Loxton, Monash 76-60 from Lyrup, Berri 68-50 from Renmark and undefeated Renmark RSL 56-53 over Barmera.
In Division Four Waikerie lost its first game of the season to Berri Red by only one shot 55-56, Berri Blue defeated Barmera y two shots 57-55 and Monash won 63-54 against Renmark.