It was wall to wall ‘Saturday’ Pennant Bowls over the weekend with Semi Finals on Saturday and Preliminary Finals on Sunday.

Looking at the elimination First Semis on Saturday.
—In First Division Berri won a hard fought match against Loxton 80-72. Andrew Hill’s rink defeated Trevor Schulz 20-16, Andy Gapco beat Peter Kimber 23-16, Graham Butt – Vic Pavia 21-12 and Dennis Treloar went down to Brian Bullock 16-28.

—In Second Division Lyrup went on its winning way defeating Waikerie 57-47. D Wainwright won 21-16 against D Thompson, S Munro 25 12 over D Kleeman and N Leach completed the clean sweep with a narrow 21-19 result against W Haby.

—Third Division Green had Barmera the winner against Loxton RSL 54-47. B Frost’s rink beat C Hampel 22-13, I Lloyde won 18-14 from K Ward and S Hall lost to M Schutz 14-20.

—Third Division Gold saw Monash have a 71-54 win over Berri. A Campbell and M Moulden drew 20 all, M Wood 26 beat K Tanner 15 and P Grocke won 25-19 over G Meyer.

In the Second Semi Finals with the winner’s prize direct entry into the Grand Final—
—Waikerie showed some real grit in coming from behind to beat minor premier Renmark 77-63 in Division One. Andrew Fulwood’s four defeated Rick Stoeckel, just, 16-15, Wayne Collins lost to Chris Karantonis 10-17, Brian Burnett defeated Sean Leesue 29-14 and Roger Davies beat Bill Dopson 22-17.

—Monash won in Second Division 65-53 against Renmark. P Brennan defeated S Schulz 27-16, M Voigt 15 lost to H Ter Bogt 23 and I Potts won 23-14 over D Leedle.

—In Three Green Waikerie 58 defeated Renmark 54 with P Fechner losing to S Hume 13-20, F King 22 beating J O’Loughlin 19 and B Wiese 23 winning from M Lacey 15.

—In Division Three Gold J Vaughan won 26-16 against H Mortimer, P Vaughan 26-19 over R Neideck and R Braddock narrowly from M Schumann 18-17 as Loxton 70 beat Waikerie 52.

That led to the Preliminary Finals on Sunday with again, a Grand Final spot for the winner and elimination for the loser.

—In Division One Berri looked every bit like it could be continuing its run of premierships.Waikerie may have other ideas about that. Berri 95 with three winning rinks thumped Renmark 95-67. Andy Gapco’s four beat Bill Dopson 22-16, Andrew Hill won 29-19 against Rick Stoeckel, Dennis Treloar beat Chris Karantonis 27-14 and Graham Butt lost by a whisker 17-18 to Sean Leesue. Renmark’s exit in straight sets after it finished the minor round as top dog is a shock but it struck two good sides, Waikerie and Renmark, back to back and could not sustain its excellent minor round touch.

—It was much the same in Division Two where Lyrup from the First Semi Final ended Renmark’s season 68-59. D Wainwright 28 defeated H Ter Bogt 20, S Munro and D Leedle drew 19-19 and N Leach just edged out S Schulz 21-20.

—Renmark did taste success in Division Three Green easily accounting for Barmera 81-40. M Lacey won 26-15 from S Hall, J O’Loughlin beat I Lloyde 35-6 and S Hume – B Frost 20-19.

—In Three Gold Waikerie 67 finished Monash’s season 67-36. R Neideck 24 beat A Campbell 9, M Schumann 21 won against M Wood 12 and H Mortimer 22 against P Grocke 15.