Berri on 57 points and Loxton with 42 are the only undefeated teams in the new Division One of the Midweek Triples Bowls competition.

On Wednesday Berri 86 won against Waikerie 70 with L Recchia’s rink  losing to P Fechner 19-26, G Elleway going down narrowly to D Morley 17-18, K Stokes beating N Harcombe 22-15 and A Gapco beating B Harden 28-11. Loxton 81 won a keen game against Renmark 76 with D Schliebs’ rink losing to W Dopson 16-22, T Schulz to M Walker 19-21, P Kimber defeating H TerBogt 25-16 and H Appleton winning 21-17 against M Howe.

Renmark RSL 87 defeated Barmera 71 with R Adam defeating J Gartner 15, M Inglis 20 beating P Van Enkhuyzen 16, M DeCol 20 losing to G Jenke 21 and K Knight 25 defeating B Tamblyn 19.

In Division Two Renmark RSL (A Eckermann 15, M Curtis 23, M Hudson 20, D Rice 20) won a thriller 78-77 against Berri Red (A Kosturjak 23, P Raams 18, L Seltitzas 20, J Cresp 16), Berri Blue 89 (K Carpenter 21, J Centofanti 22, L Knight 25, P Lehmann 17) won 89-65 against Barmera 65 (D Button 14, I Lloyde 18, R Cahill 7, H Robinson 26) and Loxton RSL had a huge win against Loxton White 118-62. Loxton RSL made a clean sweep of the rinks with T Wurst 29 defeating D McRae Wood 14, E Schutz beating J Draper 36-18, T Harrison winning 26-16 over P Vaughan and K Ward 27-14 against G Wachtel.

Monash had a good tussle against Lyrup winning 85-80. I Potts lost to N Leach 10-34, K Schulz 30 beat J Letton 9, B John 20 lost to J Jungfer 24 and P Brennan 25 defeated M Moulden 13. Renmark was also a clear winner against Loxton Blue 92-63. M Lacey defeated D Kimber 22-15, R Minge lost to D Thomson 17-25, R Andt defeated M Williss 19-10 and W Cropper’s in form rink beat R Braddock 34-13.