Looking at the draw with only two rounds of Wednesday Pennant Bowls remaining before the finals the teams to contest the premiership look settled in all grades unless there are some surprise results.

In First Division Renmark has 287 points, Berri 235, Barmera 202 and Renmark 200 followed by Lyrup 135, Loxton 106 and Waikerie 104.

Lyrup’s slim chance of making the major round vanished when it lost y two shots to Barmera 51-53 on Wednesday.
For Barmera Carol Shugg’s rink drew with Sue Lloyd 18 all, Gloria Burns defeated Ros Smith in a decisive result 19-15 and Sheila Lockwood lost to Noreen Burns 16-18.

In other games Berri with Kerry Treloar’s rink beating Maria Spano 25-19, Kath Mader – Jenny Curtis 25-14 and Jan Grosser going down to Cathy Topperwein 12-26 won against Renmark RSL 62-59.
Renmark (Betty Coombs 32, Sandy Schulz 19, Jocie Cooper 20) won 71-54 against Waikerie (Lesley Burnett 16, Dawn Boehm 20, Judy Strauss 18).

The table in Second Division is Berri 300, Loxton RSL 280, Loxton 220, Barmera 204 followed by Waikerie 183 and Renmark RSL 61.
On Wednesday Berri (S Facci 20, K Tanner 29, L Blades 21) defeated Barmera (T Daelman 15, J Cock 8, K Brown 20) and Renmark RSL just interrupted Waikerie’s attack on the four with an upset win 53-52. W Weidenhofer 22 defeated J Gaeta 14, G Brown 13 lost to M Carrera 19 and M Williams went down to H Mortimer 18-19.
Loxton RSL 50 (H Dreschler 24, M Schutz 14, J Smith 12) won 50-39 from Loxton (H Grimsley 10, L Steocke 13, J Badcock 16).

Berri with 279 points also leads in Third Division accompanied by Renmark 246, Moorook 221 and Loxton RSL 190 in the four followed by Loxton 161 and Barmera 55.
Loxton had a handy win 44-34 over Loxton RSL on Wednesday. K Brandsma’s rink beat L Jolly 21-19 and M Campbell 23 won against A Wall.
Moorook defeated Renmark 42-27 with C Voigt 20 beating J O’Loughlin 16 and L Tschirpig 22 too good for M Lawton 11.
Berri won on a forfeit from Barmera.