Barmera, with Will Koskinas back to boost the top men’s positions, defeated Berri view in Saturday’s Division One Tennis by a narrow margin, 8 sets 68 games to 7-72.

In the early doubles Barmera took the upper hand but a number of sets could have gone either way. Alexander Reincke and Paul Reid for Berri defeated Mike Horsman and Koskinas 6-1 but then Reincke and Shane McPherson lost to that same Barmera combination 5-7. Barmera’s Justin Bannear and Ron Harris grabbed two tight sets against McPherson and James Tapper and Reid and Tapper 7-6 and 7-6. In the ladies doubles Katie Bannear and Emily Marks won for Barmera 6-3 against Kylie Falkenberg and Courtney Ramsey but the Berri view pair defeated Marks and Sarah Jane Albrecht 6-3.

In the singles Horsman lost to Reincke 2-6, Koskinas lost to Reid 4-6, J Bannear won 6-1 over McPherson, Harris lost narrowly to Tappin 6-7, K Bannear lost to Falkenberg 1-6 and Albrecht defeated Ramsey 6-3. In the extra double Reincke/ Reid beat Horsman / Koskinas, while the mixed doubles both went to Barmera. Justin Bannear completed a fine day combining with Marks to defeat McPherson and Falkenberg 6-4 and Harris and Albrecht won 6-1 against Tappin and Ramsey.

Without Top Male Shane Nettle Cobdogla was kept honest by a competitive Loxton but won 9-69 to 6-61.

Sam Butterworth and Luke Hampshire for Cobdogla defeated Jordan and Phil Smith 6-4 and Jordan Smith and Justin Lane 6-2 and Will Swinstead and Brett Ancell won 6-1 against Lane and Callan Maczkowiack but lost to Phil Smith and Maczkowiack 1-6. Katie Wheeldon and Benita Dillon kept Cobdogla on a roll with a 6-3 win against Delaney Lueth and Nadia Kruger and 6-2 result over Lueth and Emily Zdanowicz.

In the singles sets Butterworth lost to J Smith 2-6, Ancell lost to P Smith 2-6 Hampshire beat Lane 7-6, Swinstead lost to Maczkowiack 0-6 and Wheeldon was beaten in an upset by Lueth 3-6. Dillon defeated Kruger 6-4 so four of the six singles went to Loxton.

Butterworth / Ancell lost the extra double to the Smith father and son combination 3-6 and Cobdogla won the two mixed doubles. Wheeldon and Hampshire defeated Lane and Kruger 6-1 and Swinstead and Dillon defeated Maczkowiack and Zdanowicz 6-2.

Turning to Division Two Waikerie 10-79 won against Berri view 5-47. Ben Haynes defeated Anthony Segui 6-0 at top singles, Luke McWaters lost to Mark Wenman 5-7 and Jenny Rhode defeated Sherly Forbes 7-5. Renmark Gold 8-74 won a close battle against Loxton 7-66. For Loxton Scott Gillett and Riley Battams won 7-6 in a tight double against Abbas Qambari and Kirk Thiel but Neil Kroemer and Brian Dempsey evened up for Gold 7-5 over Nathan Gibbs and David Reicheldt. Kroemer won 6-2 at top single against Gibbs.  In an almost identical result Cobdogla defeated Renmark Blue 8-74 to 7-65. Cobdogla’s Hayden Carter and Corey Knoblauch won over Ashley Leckie Hefford and Darren Bright 7-5, Rona Leuthke and Jade Harrington (Renmark) defeated Emma Treloar and Belinda Rayner 7-6 and 6-2 and Leckie Hefford and Sonja Adamczyk beat Carter and Rayner 7-5.

Loxton caused an upset, narrowly, against Moorook in Division Three. The final score was 4 sets 43 games to 4-41 with Moorook’s Todd Griffin beating Michael Roberts 6-3, Loxton’s Godfrey Amaechi winning 7-5 from Peter Goodes , Roberts and Steven Trezise winning 6-4 over Griffin and Kelly Leigh and 7-5 against Griffen and Dylan Copeland. David Leigh/ Peter Goodes won for Moorook 7-5 and 7-5 over Brayden Coombe and Amaechi. Another match that could have gone either way.

Cobdogla Blue with Courtney Kollmann beating Samuel Walladge 6-3 defeated Cobdogla 7-45 to 1-17. Stuart Walladge was Cobdogla’s winner 6-3 from Lisa Kollmann.