Barmera 6 sets 59 games to Waikerie 6-59. You cannot get closer than that.

A week earlier Waikerie had lost to Berri-view 6-58 to 6-59.

Barmera perhaps gained a surprising advantage in the men`s doubles sets winning three of the four including Chris Florence and Mike Horsman grabbing a set from Troy Lehmann and Tom Waterson 7-5. The Barmera women Katie Bannear, Emma Marks, Brooke Penney also shared sets with Penny Kroehn and Sonia Adamczyk. The men`s singles also came out even but where Waikerie did make up ground for the tie was Penny Kroehn and Sonia Adamczyk both winning their single.

Loxton also surprised by winning 7-67 to Berri-view 5-58. The doubles were shared as were the men`s singles including Berri-view`s Adam Drogemuller winning 9-8 over Phil Smith. Again the advantage fell to Loxton via domination of the women`s singles with Nadia Kruger and Delaney Lueth both winning for Loxton.

Cobdogla defeated Renmark Tintra 9-73  to 3-43. Renmark Tintra grabbed two of the four men`s doubles sets and David Strongman had a good win over Sam Butterworth 9-4 but generally Cobdogla had too much depth. Luke Hampshire won a close clash with John Van der Hoek 9-7.

In the lower divisions Loxton was forced to forfeit a couple of matches with a host of their players away in Melbourne in the local High School volleyball teams.

In Second Division Cobdogla 7-75 defeated Berri-view Red 5-35 and Renmark Tintra won narrowly from Loxton Silver 6-62 to 6-49.

Third Division saw Paringa Swans win a thriller against Paringa Red Dogs in a big reversal of form 4-45 to 4-31 and Moorook 6-41 defeat Renmark Tintra 2-18.