A back to form by tipping guru Tipsy Always will not only see him sleeping warmer than he was in the desert but with a bit of pay at last he will be able to get into RIVERLAND PREMIER SPORTS in Berri for one of their famous SENSATIONAL SHOE SALES.

This is a chance to save big on all of the big brands. Shoes for men, ladies and kids have been heavily discounted whether its just for ‘looks’ like Tipsy, running shoes, cross trainers, netball shoes, football and soccer boots.

Now this sale is only on for a limited time so be quick to save big $$$`s for all of the family`s footwear.

And another tip from Tipsy. While you are in the store check out the range of winter clothing. For the ladies in particular (and perhaps for Tipsy) the colours are like the shoe sale—SENSATIONAL.