As we announced in mid September a further five 5RM-Premier Sports Legends of Riverland Sport will be inducted into the special group commenced in 2012 when the Riverland`s 50th 5RM-Berri Resort-Hotel-SGIC Sportsperson of the Year Dinner is held at the Berri Hotel this coming Friday night 14th November.

Inducted previously have been Sue Fieldhouse, Audrey Hefford, Mark Ricciuto, Luke Prokopec, Grant Schubert (2012) and Hannah Nielsen, Sophie Edington, Russell Ebert, Malcolm Jinks and Pat Mickan (2013).

To be inducted this year are Peggy Flewellyn (water skiing), Neil Kerley (football), Anne Marie Knight (golf), Paul Kassebaum (sailing) and Hayden Stoeckel (swimming).

The Riverland can be proud of the long list of champion sportspeople that started their career here and equally, from the inductees so far, that they ’ have never forgotten where home is’.