‘It’s a mere flesh wound’ won 3-10-247 against ‘You’re Terrible Muriel’ 2-9-232 in round 8 of Loxton Spring Season Squash. Mark Cash lost to Tanya Marlor 0-3, Paul Wurst to Mark Rudiger 1-3, Wurst defeated Rudiger 3-1, Ken Wangahu defeated Ang Nelson 3-1 and Julias Otto won 3-1 against Paislee Stone.

Also ‘Nobody puts the baby in the corner’ defeated ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’ 2-6-180. Kane Watts lost to Darren Schultz 0-3, Terry Giles won 3-0 over John Vaughan, Peter Miller defeated Paddy Reynolds 3-0, Bill Sharrad lost to Kym Bament 1-3 and Nick Loxton defeated Taylor Paul 3-0.

‘Tell,m he’s dream’n’ 4-13-246 won against ‘I see dead people’ 1-5-202. Ash Lawrie defeated Darren Schultz 3-0, Cameron Robertson defeated Wayne Voigt 3-1, Brett Duffin lost to Craig Todd 1-3, Jason Willshire beat Julias Otto 3-1 and Polly Johnston beat Paislee Stone 3-0.