Judges will consider 24 nominees for the 2013/14 5RM-Berri Resort Hotel-SGIC Riverland Sportsperson oh the Year award.

This will be the 50th time the award has been presented. Although it was introduced in 1961 there was a recess for a few years in the 1970`s. This year`s Presentation Dinner will be at the Berri Resort Hotel this Friday night, 14th November.

Nominees for the award are Tim Bevan, Rick Frahn (football), Dennis Robinson (table Tennis), Tim Golding (baseball), Dennis Treloar, Kerry Treloar, Andrew Hill (bowls), Cris Hughes (cricket), Darren Marner (basketball), Hannah Lehmann (basketball and netall), Shane Pitman (cycling), Aaron Hartwig, Teagan Hartwig (sidecar racing), Marlene Tyler, Wesley Bald, Andrew Hume (golf), Stephanie Baird, Tim Pannell, Tara Allister (hockey), Ebony Hoffmann, Sam Atkins (soccer), Shannen Ross (equestrian), Jo Gregory (softball) and James Lochert (off road racing).