In A GRADE WOMEN`s Hockey last weekend Berri remained undefeated in 2015 with a 2-0 victory against Waikerie. Billie Aston scored a goal and was named as Berri`s best player along with Jen Kiel and Emma Cuteri with the other goal coming from Kira McMahon. Waikerie`s best were Trinity Schmidt, Kristen Pick and Ashleigh Baker.

In the other game the result showed the uncanny rivalry between Loxton and Renmark is alive and well. In yet another low scoring arm wrestle this time it was Loxton that took the win 1-0. Cheryl Burgemeister was the goal scorer and Loxton`s best  Rebecca Schaeffer, Aimee Oxlade and Haylee Symens while Renmark had Lauren Benda, Rebecca Keynes and Liz Herbert in fine form.

In the MEN`s A GRADE matches Waikerie 6 defeated Berri 3. Clayton Hollamby, Rowan Kleemann and Lachlan Seabrook (2 goals) stood out for Waikerie and Anthony Segui, Jarryd Roberts, Beau Delaine for Berri. Two of Berri`s goals came from Brett Stokes.

Loxton meanwhile won 4-1 against Renmark. Briley Gibbs scored twice for Loxton and was ranked with Nathan Fielke and Michael Lange in the best player list. Lincoln Matulin, Troy Parker and Dan Shawyer did best for Renmark.

In B GRADE WOMEN Waikerie (Nina Rayner, Rachel Lawson, Annette Rigby, 2 goals) won 7-0 against Renmark (Amanda Schubert, Teresa Shawyer, Christina Glekas).

To UNDER 18 WOMEN Renmark (Brooke Webb, Christie Webb, Ashleigh Mallinson) won 3-0 from Loxton (Olivia Vivian, Jordan Schaefer, Mare Hartwig) and Berri (Tegan Nourse, Kira McMahon, Ellen Cale with Charlotte Dominic 3 goals and Emily Clarke 2) 5-2 against Waikerie (Lisa Redemski, Paige Atkinson, Bobby Macatol).

In B GRADE MEN Waikerie with an allround team game including 2 goals from Phillip Lawson defeated Berri (Brady Martin, Jesse Passmore, Jamie Fraser) 5-1 and Loxton (Dave Adams, Kieran Beer, Hamish Peberdy with 2 goals from Ty Othams) beat (Renmark (Darren Haines, Tim Booten, Pat Long) 5-2.

UNDER 18 MEN saw Waikerie also with an allround team effort and 2 goals from James Smith defeat Berri (Jesse Passmore, Tim Ridley, Dylan Couzner) 4-0 and Loxton (Joel Hopper 2 goals, Tim Doecke, Briley Gibbs) win 3-1 against Renmark (Ollie Coats, Ben Kaye, Scott Jones).

Waikerie (Nathan Schmidt, Carlo Mitolo, DeclanBrewer and 2 goals to James Smith and Daniel Schmidt) won 6-1 over Berri (Jesse Passmore, Stuart Walladge, Jack Muscatt and Loxton (Joel Hopper 3 goals, Hamish McDonald, Liam Abrahamson and 2 goals to Jonty Richardson and Lachlan Biele ) 9-0 against Renmark (Ben Kaye, Mark Shugg, Shaun Jenke) in UNDER 15 MEN GRADE.

In UNDER 12 MIXED Loxton (Chloe Sharrad, Caleb Schaeffer 4 goals, Connor Size) won against Waikerie White (Lucas Hocking, Crystal Devroome, Lachy Ebert) 5-1 and Waikerie Black (Kye Rayner, Jachan Brewer, Bobby Macatol) defeated Renmark (James Haslett, Jay Botten, Mark Shugg) 1-0.