As the annual Loxton Mardi Gras Day heads into the evening on Saturday 27th February the local oval will come alive as the 15th Nippy’s Athletics meeting, ranked second in the State behind the Bay Sheffield, gets underway.
The first of some 50 races srarts at 5pm. Admission is free.
Seeing this under lights with the grandstand offering perfect viewing is one of the highlights of the Riverland sporting year.
The feature events, the men’s and women’s Nippy’s Gifts, will be run about 10am.
Returning to defend her women’s title will be Hayley Ormay, while a sentimental favourite for the men’s tace will be Ryan Hancock who has reached the final on six occasions but has not won the event. He is said to be in top form.
Another popular runner in the 300 metre events will be David Palmer, who despite not having a coach and training on his own, will return because ‘ he just loves coming here’.
Palmer already has to his credit two victories in the 300m Open Sprint and last year in the Over 35′s event for that distance.