There were some close matches in Loxton Squash last night.

Acropolous Now. 2-10-236 defeated Division 4. 2-8-223. A Lawrie lost to T Marlor 2-3, P Grosser defeated S Emery 3-2, M Lange lost to W Voigt 2-3 and S Knowles defeated B Wieda 3-0.

Carsons Law 3-9-215 defeated The Sullivans 2-8-223. D Schultz defeated M Cash 3-0, S Smart defeated T McDonald 3-1,B Duffin lost to C Robertson 0-3, R Hahn defeated P Reynolds 3-1 and P Stone lost to B Schober 0-3.

Flying Doctors 3-9-213 defeated All The Rivers Run 2-8-215. G Marlor defeated B Chapman 3-1, P Miller defeated T Giles 3-1, A Searles lost to G Nugent 0-3, M Rudiger defeated K Bament 3-0 and J Robertson lost to J Falland 0-3.